About Javad Jalali

Javad Jalali

Javad Jalali

Javad Jalali (Persian: جواد جلالی ‎) (born 30 May 1977 in Mashhad) is a photographer and a member of the Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds. His photo of the movie Farewell Baghdad is now kept inIranian Artists Forum in Tehran, Iran. He also holds the record for the highest sale of a photo in a photo expo in Iran (800,000,000 rials).

Jalali is known for his photography of refugees and immigrants of Afghanistan and Kurdistan of Iraq(2008, 2011); mysticism in Iranian architecture (2001); traditional Iranian kilns (2004, 2008, 2011); mental and physical patients (2003, 2004); abstract photography of horses and trees; and still photography of film. His photos have been published in “Variety” (2012), “Real Time Arts (Australia)” (2011), “L’Uomo Vogue)” (2011), “D Photo Journal [Australia)” (2010, 2011), “Vogue (Italy)” (2010), “MyFDB (Italy)” (2010), “Paradise Magazine” (2010), “Film International” (2010), “World of Cinema” (2008, 2010), “Cinema Weekly” (2007–2011), “Cinema Industry” (2008–2011), “Film Magazine” (2008, 2009, 2010), “Picture World” (2009, 2010), “Ideal Life” (2009), “Screen Cannes (France)” (2009) and “Cinemotion (France)” (2009).

He was the cameraman for the movie Boghz, filmed in Turkey and directed by Reza DarmishianTouraj Aslani, the movie’s cinematographer, explains that he chose Javad Jalali because of his knowledge and understanding of colors, motions and photography. He added that the movie was filmed using two cameras, either narrating its own look and jump cuts of the movie. This form of filming is a new experience in Iranian cinema. He was also nominated for an award at the Fajr Film Festival for the movie and the behind-the-scenes photography of Aal and Endless Dreams. He was recognized by the jury of the 29th Fajr International Film Festival for Endless Dreams.

For the first time in the history of film photography, one of his photos is kept in the National Museum of the Iranian artist’s forum. His collection of picture stories from the movie Farewell Baghdad went on display in Melat Multiplex. In this exhibition, photographs of the movie and the behind the scene ofFarewell Baghdad were shown in photo art format; it was a combination of photographs and the soundtrack of the movie. The photographs alongside the soundtrack were a conceptual event for the audience.

In the 25th Isfahan International Festival of Films for Children & Young Adults, he received a Golden Butterfly for the best photograph of the movie. Javad Jalali received the Crystal Simorgh from 30th Fajr International Film Festival for the best photography of the movie Farewell Baghdad.



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